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Home page

Aloha! Welcome to WaipunaSushi.com.  We specialize in gourmet ahi, tako, and salmon poke sushi in a casual, family-style setting.  We are located in Manoa and Kailua, both on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Since 2005, we have dedicated our business to satisfying our customers and providing stellar service and quality food.

For our menu, please click here.

Call either of our locations for Take Out orders

Manoa 988-1200 

Kailua 263-7470 

Now selling Aunty Chong's original papaya kimchee! 

Sold in vacuum-sealed packet, 1/2 pound for only $5.99! What a deal!


Also try it in our SPAM with papaya 

kimchee handroll for just $2.99.

Some of our most popular platters for parties and potlucks include:
Mini Holiday Platter
$56.99, 42 pieces

1 Dragon Poke Maki

1 Dynamite Maki

1 Rainbow Maki

1 Uncle Jasen's Nigiri (6 pcs)

1 Salmon Poke Nigiri (6 pcs)

1 Spicy Ahi Poke Nigiri w/ Mayo & Tobikko (6 pcs)

Photo coming soon.

Renee's Holiday Platter
$72.99, 51 pieces
Another great holiday pick! Call and preorder today!

1 Tiger Maki

2 Brandon's Maki

1 Dynamite Maki

1 Dragon Poke Maki

1 Katherine's Maki

3 pcs. Ahi Poke Nigiri with Mayo & Tobikko (or 3 pcs. Seaweed Salad Nigiri)


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Questions or Concerns?

Please feel free to contact us!
email: waipunasushi@gmail.com
phone: 808-988-1200 (Manoa) or 808-263-7470 (Kailua)
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